Sally Wilson Loves Concrete!

It’s not often you see women in construction and it’s even more uncommon to see one lying in concrete. When Sally Wilson mentioned she was busy on site with a concrete pour coming up, I wondered if Sally would be up for my idea of her lying in the concrete and doing a snow angel.

Concrete_AngelSally Wilson sw-architects – Photo by Jennie Groom ©2015

This portrait captures Sally in her element, lying in the cool freshly screeded concrete on one of her building sites.  It emulates her passion for construction and vivacity for life as a designer being able to physically build the things she designs.

Sally is an architect and project manager with her own architectural and construction practice that dares to explore different areas of construction and design. She is in a few words; hands on! Although, she’s not going to be dropping the drawing board and picking up a hammer, she relishes her time on site in the thick of the job as it teaches her how she can design details better and work with the trades to get the best built outcome.

3 thoughts on “Sally Wilson Loves Concrete!

  1. Maya Graham August 19, 2015 / 10:54 am

    Great shot Jen!! The concrete in its transitory material state provides a soft base for the subject. Its nice to see a strong, resilient material and by association Sally, in a playful and joyous space.

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  2. Claire Paice August 19, 2015 / 11:48 pm

    Not to mention she’s also one of the most genuine, beautiful people going around!


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