Kylie Cowling Rocks

Photo By Jennie Groom © 2015
Kylie Cowling – Photo By Jennie Groom © 2015

I met Kylie before she drove a car,
She sings and plays guitar,
Now living afar,
She’s a rockstar!
Although she’s always been
Since she was thirteen.

She formed the band kaleidoscope,
Indie rock, bespoke.
Getting triple J airplay,
She was away.

Kylie has given us so many gifts,
Including the project ‘show us your riffs
She mentored young women to record a song
To encourage audiences to join along,
A CD was released,
An exhibition pieced.

All girl group Legless was formed,
The punters had to be warned
These girls played serious rock
And dressed to shock!

Partnering with Sheree,
She moved to the sun and sea,
Her latest incarnation was intuition
Diva Demolition!

Now the two Diva’s are rocking the globe
Wearing some fancy robe,
A fact not to miss
Not only did they support Aerosmith
but also Kiss!

Kylie is performing an acoustic gig at the Grace Emily Hotel in Adelaide on the 7th of October, 2015

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