Mia Klitsas talks pads for pads

Mia Klitsas identifies with the dictionary definition for the name of the sanitary products she sells, Moxie; force of character, determination, or nerve.

Photo by Jennie Groom © 2015
Photo by Jennie Groom © 2015

After learning about girls in Uganda missing up to 20% of their school time due to unmanageable periods, Mia was determined to do something about it. Realising she couldn’t just ship over the sanitary items she already sells because of landfill and other issues, she found AFRIpads, a group making reusable pads in Uganda. Mia started a campaign where a percentage of the profits from the sale of her popular Moxie pads, is used to buy the AFRIpads kits. In 2013 she bought 500 AFRIpads kits and gave them to 500 school girls in Uganda. Today, we were told they have just hit the milestone of 10,000 girls with the sustainable and re-usable AFRIpads kits, happily using them and happily going in school.

Mia Klitsas encouraged us today at the Because I Am A Girl 2015 Adelaide Breakfast to ignite change, think about the impact we could have with just with one idea, locally or globally. Mia says she only has a small team of 5 including her business partner, Jeff Gore but the impact they have had already is infinite.


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