Fiona Patten – Major Minor

Fiona Patten MLC was elected to the Legislative Council to represent the Northern Metropolitan Region in the 2014 Victorian State Election.  She is the founder and leader of Australian Sex Party – a minor party having a major effect.  In 2009, Fiona set up the Australian Sex Party out of frustration and disappointment in regard to the lack of social change on many issues and not just what one imagines is all about sex!  Her party has policies on Drug Law Reform, Dying With Dignity, Taxing Religious Institutions and minimising Government intervention on adult’s lives.

Photo by Jennie Groom © 2015
Photo by Jennie Groom © 2015

This photograph illustrates the party’s Federal Religion and Ethics policy – (from Australian Sex Party website):

“Church owned companies include some of the most well known brands in Australia including cereal manufacturers, insurance companies and publishers and yet they don’t pay income tax. A conservative estimate is that income tax exemptions alone to churches and religious organisations cost taxpayers nearly $ 20 billion a year. Add to that GST concessions, exemptions from capital gains tax (on property and share trading) and the Fringe Benefits Tax Exemption and the cost to tax payers is staggering.”

However this week, Fiona is celebrating and welcoming the Federal Governments move to legalise cannabis for medicinal purposes.  Something she has lobbied on for decades.

When I photographed Fiona I thought she had a great look and fashion sense, as it turns out before politics she was a fashion designer with her own label ‘Body Politics’ which she sold from a shop in Canberra, it seems as though politics was a driving force back then!

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