Daniella Metti – Ms Manufacturing

Photo by Jennie Groom © 2016

If you are from Adelaide and are of a certain vintage, you may remember the kiddy ride-on ducks usually out the front of  supermarkets.  In the background of this photo you can see the moulding for one of the ducks, made by the late Luciano Metti from his business, Loumet (‘Lou’ being his first name and ‘met’ from his last name).  He originally started ‘The House Of Metti’ is 1963, mainly manufacturing dolls.

Jump forward to now and his daughter Daniella Metti is running the family business now manufacturing toy balls, and a range of fitness products here in Adelaide.

After her parents separated, Daniella and her twin sister were brought up by their father which meant they spent a lot of time at the office, often helping with labelling of orders and other little tasks. Daniella fondly remembers going to the Toy Fairs from a young age and seeing the latest toys before all her school mates.  Luciano was a dedicated father and hoping to groom his daughters into working at the business once they had finished high school.  Instead, Daniella decided to study International Business at Flinders University which gave her a good grounding to eventually run the business when she returned to Adelaide in 2002 after working in Sydney for a few years.

Daniella’s business philosophy is to diversify and keep products fresh with the highest of quality, this keeps her manufacturing business running in a tough market.  Loumet is the only ball manufacturer in Australia.


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