A sporting start to the year.

Amanda Spratt with Ellie Mathwin – Photo by Jennie Groom © 2017

Welcome back to Wednesday’s Woman and Happy New Year to everyone!

Last night, Ellie Mathwin and I were showered in champagne as we stood in front of the presentation stage cheering for the winners of the Santos Women’s Tour, a new experience for the both of us! Ellie was firmly placed in front of the Number 1 podium in the front row to the envy of the media surrounding her!

I started chatting with this young 8 year old and found out she has just started competitive cycling herself and was even in the team that won the club trophy for the year! She was looking up at the women standing before her as her role models.

Women’s professional sport is finally starting to gain traction in the mainstream media and consequently the audience support around the world is growing, something I’m sure previous Wednesday’s Woman, Rosemary Crowley would be proud of.

The momentum gathering is exciting and we are great sportswomen, look at the soccer, cricket, new AFL football teams this year and of course cycling.  Last year, UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) the world body of cycling upgraded the Santo Women’s Tour in the Santos Tour Down Under to the highest level available for road racing internationally.  The women riding over the last few days here in Adelaide are the best of the best from around the world and Amanda Spratt showed Ellie Mathwin that an Australian Woman can do it!

Congratulations to Amanda Spratt, the 29 year old from the Blue Mountains in NSW who won the overall Santos Women’s Tour which consisted of 4 stages.

Also, congratulations to Adelaide’s Annette Edmondson who finished 2nd in yesterday’s 4th stage, another previous Wednesday’s Woman!

Be the best you can be this year!

Annette Edmondson – World Champion


Annette Edmondson, a born and bred South Australian woman, is the current UCI World Champion Track Cyclist in the Omnium and Team Pursuit plus World Record holder in the Team Pursuit. She is in London at this minute ready to defend her title.

The day before she left to go over to London, Annette hobbled into my studio, she had just been hit by a car during her training session two days before hand. Having been extremely lucky to avoid such an incident during her life, this couldn’t have happened at a worse time, just before the world championships, she was battered and bruised but ok. The show will go on.

Annette was a soccer girl but at 13 years old she did a ‘beep test’ with the South Australian Sports Institute, they suggested she should do cycling, I think they were right and I asked Annette what it was she loved about it;

 “I love setting goals and achieving them and I think having something to work towards and having the satisfaction when you achieve them is pretty incredible. I also really enjoy the freedom when I’m out on the bike, keeping fit, keeping active and enjoying the sunshine. It’s a nice sport when you’re with a good group, having a good team around you keeps you motivated.”

There is something pretty special in being the best person in the whole world in your field of choice at a particular time in history.