Minister Sussan Ley – Not Afraid


Photo by Jennie Groom © 2016

“Just me and my tall skinny mate” Susan Ley responded by showing her protective gun to a man asking “is it just you here” as he stopped by her roadside camp in the middle of the night.  Sussan was in her early 20’s and on her way to her first official job as a pilot to muster cattle.

I love this story Sussan recounts on the ABC’s Conversations with Richard Fidler.  Here is the Link –  We hear how she’s not afraid, not prepared to let go of her dreams and what she has achieved to get where she is today, a Cabinet Minister in the Federal Government.

When Sussan was 19, she needed to find $15,000 to get her commercial pilots licence and worked three jobs to do it.

She had a dream to fly, but it was more than just flying, she was fascinated with the mechanics of the machine, hence her distain for gliders! Flying didn’t come easy to Sussan, on her first flight she had air sickness and says “she wasn’t very good at it”!

However, she was disciplined and persisted, getting her pilot’s licence and then going onto air traffic control. Not satisfied with working in air traffic control, Sussan wrote to all the commercial airlines looking for work as a pilot. With no job opportunities there she went onto study aerial stock mustering which lead to her first job.

There are many more stories to tell about Sussan Ley with such an unusual and diverse background but the main point is Sussan is not afraid to stand up for herself, to work hard and never give up.