Lauren Krelshem ~ Aspiring Actor

Lauren Krelshem by Jennie Groom © 2017

This is Lauren Krelshem

A Wednesday’s Woman I welcome.


Her career

Became clear

While watching a State Theatre production

An idea began it’s induction

The Glass Menagerie was on stage

The moment acting became her wage.


Just as Lauren was finishing her acting course

Her battle with cancer hit again with tremendous force

The Leukemia, at seven had begun,

Then at 13 and again at twenty one.


Her prognosis looked grim

So friends and family pitched in

20,000 lucky paper cranes were made

For this girl, from Adelaide.


The doctors needed more than Chemotherapy

The cutting edge CAR T-Cell therapy,

Never tried on anyone in Australia

Lauren was the treatments trail blazer.


A year later she is in the clear

Holding her life dear

Now nothing will detract her

From being an actor.


In June, Lauren will travel across the land

As Melbourne will have more opportunities at hand

I have the feeling

Melbourne will find her appealing!

Joan Kirner AC – To be remembered

Photo by Jennie Groom © 2015
Photo by Jennie Groom © 2015

I had the great honour of meeting Joan Kirner AC earlier this year in March. Joan was very supportive and encouraged my on going work in showcasing women of parliament and agreed to be photographed. As soon as I pulled down my exhibition of South Australian female parliamentarians, “let us be up and doing” from the pillars of SA Parliament House, my assistant Megan and I jumped in the car and drove over to Melbourne to photograph Joan Kirner.

Joan was very ill with oesophageal cancer after being diagnosed in 2013.  She was visibly frail but her mind was active and witty, a sense of humour I could see that would have sustained her during her years in such a male dominated industry, Politics.

After an unswerving belief in educational opportunities, which she spent many years campaigning for, she was awarded an Order of Australia in 1980. A few years after this she entered Parliament as a member of the Legislative Council.

Politics suited Joan and she was good at it, she had a great community ethos and earned many legacies including the establishment of Landcare, the VCE (Victorian Certificate of Education), smaller class sizes and a surge in school retention rates.

As a woman who represented many firsts, her most well known first was being the 42nd Premier of Victoria from 1990 -1992. It’s been well documented that she inherited a political and economical mess with a high unemployment rate in Victoria at the time, never the less Joan Kirner stoically gave it her all but was defeated in a landslide, with her dignity in tact.

On this day, 19 years ago Emily’s List an active group for women politicians was launched with Joan Kirner as a founding member and together with Helen Creed became the organisation’s inaugural Co-Convenors.

Sadly she lost her battle with her illness on the 1st of June this year.