Lauren Krelshem ~ Aspiring Actor

Lauren Krelshem by Jennie Groom © 2017

This is Lauren Krelshem

A Wednesday’s Woman I welcome.


Her career

Became clear

While watching a State Theatre production

An idea began it’s induction

The Glass Menagerie was on stage

The moment acting became her wage.


Just as Lauren was finishing her acting course

Her battle with cancer hit again with tremendous force

The Leukemia, at seven had begun,

Then at 13 and again at twenty one.


Her prognosis looked grim

So friends and family pitched in

20,000 lucky paper cranes were made

For this girl, from Adelaide.


The doctors needed more than Chemotherapy

The cutting edge CAR T-Cell therapy,

Never tried on anyone in Australia

Lauren was the treatments trail blazer.


A year later she is in the clear

Holding her life dear

Now nothing will detract her

From being an actor.


In June, Lauren will travel across the land

As Melbourne will have more opportunities at hand

I have the feeling

Melbourne will find her appealing!

Helen Leake – Produced in SA

Photo by Jennie Groom © 2015

Helen Leake was born and bred in Adelaide and uses South Australian people and places as much as possible in her work as a film producer.  In fact, through her films she’s helped to bring over $100 million in economic benefit to South Australia.

Helen wasn’t planning on the film industry for a career when she finished school and started studying pharmacy.  Even then, pharmacy was dropped for computer programming and back in the 70’s it was very rare to find women in computer programming!

It was Helen’s love of film which led her into script writing and editing and then onto producing her first telemovie in 1994 for the American Broadcasting Company.

The mix of art and science has helped Helen run her own business and produce some of South Australia’s most successful films, notably Wolf Creek 2, Swerve, Black and White and Heaven’s Burning (the latter three films were directed by another South Australian, Craig Lahiff).

Helen has also served the industry as the CEO of SA Film Corporation from 2004 – 2007, Chair of the Board for the Australian International Documentary Conference from 2007 – 2013 and a Commissioner on the Australian Film Commission (now merged with Screen Australia).