Susan Carland is comfortable

Imagine being a woman, being comfortable, confident and making your own informative choices!


That’s what I saw in Dr. Susan Carland when I met her recently at the YWCA SHE Leads conference. There have been many times when I have sat cross legged in a chair, it’s comfortable but you just don’t see people doing it so you can imagine my secret (silent) squeal of delight when I walked into a conference room and saw Susan sitting cross legged in a chair- ah, the comfort! She also wore jeans and flat shoes yet still looked beautifully feminine. I wondered if her air of confidence is real and deep seeded and my instincts tell me yes.

As a teenager, Susan questioned faith, not from any bad experience but to find out if what she had been brought up to believe and know about God was what she really believed. This lead to her researching many religions and resulted in her converting to Islam.

She is a woman who wants to be regarded for her mind rather than her body, proven by her being added to a number of ‘most influential people’ lists and receiving a doctorate for her thesis titled -“Fighting Hislam: an investigation into Australian and North American Muslim women fighting sexism within their own communities from a pro-faith perspective”.